Company development  





Company Development 


Stick to

The company established in December 2008, R&D without profits, and three-bedroom office only.


In March 2009, network office equipment to improve, the basic social insurance to pay, and the basic management system to set up.

Rapid Growth 

June 2010, Shenzhen branch was established. In the same year in September, Chengdu branch was established.

Rapid Development 

In 2011, expansion of the production and office area, improve management &welfare mechanism, formulation, perfecting the promotion system.

System Perfect

In 2012, add the authority of the Ministry of justice, establish of enterprise unions, build of a perfect ERP system, and also Shenzhen branch expansion of the factory.

High Speed Development

Around 2013, more Branch offices established one by one, and organizational structure improved. Such as unions, legal department and so on internal management also constantly improve, mechanism of internal stock established too. Introduce HUAWEI cloud desktop system tools /ERP/OA/CRM and other system tools. Added Dong Guan, Hangzhou Xiao Shan two production bases, and employees high speed development to thousand.

Scale Development 

Since 2014, the management system, a variety of system tools to mature, and relocated to the headquarters building in Fu Yang, Hangzhou. Hangzhou R & D building, Shenzhen business center, Dongzhou production base project are entering the implementation phase, and the staff more than 1200.